Greetings from Director

I am Hiroshi Fukagawa, director of Research Center of Korean Studies (RCKS) since April 2018. My research interests are in the areas of Korean economy and international agricultural policy. About a year has passed since I was appointed as director, and now I can see the challenges RCKS is facing. RCKS is a joint research facility on campus and is required to promote joint research and the globalization of researches.

In addition to full-time faculty member, RCKS also has faculty members from other Faculty: Humanities, Human-Environment Studies, Letters, Education, Social and Cultural Studies, Languages Cultures, Law, Economics, and Agriculture. The task as a joint research facility is to coordinate the joint researches done by these faculty members.

The medium-term goal of RCKS is to promote the globalization of research activities. The center is the only participant from Japan to the World Korea Research Consortium consisting of Harvard University, Berlin Free University, and Seoul National University etc., and has an opportunity to gain global recognition for the center’s activities. This year, through the participation to the activities of the World Korea Research Consortium, we will deepen academic exchange with Korean research centers of other countries, and promote the globalization of research activities.

RCKS will aim to further development, thank you so much for your support.