Greetings from Director

I am Masahiro MOTOKANE, director of the Research Center of Korean Studies (RCKS) since April 2022. My research interests are in the areas of Educational Law, Education Policy, and School management in Japan, but I have been involved in the center as a dual appointment faculty. In January 2016, our center received the first Ministerial Commendation for its contribution to educational exchange between Japan and South Korea, and I visited Seoul as deputy director of the center. I intend to continue and innovate the traditions developed by successive center directors.

RCKS, established as a campus joint research facility, is required to promote joint research and respond to globalization. In addition to full-time member, RCKS also comprises members from other Faculties, such as Humanities, Human-Environment studies, Comparative Social Culture, Language Culture, Law, Economics, and Agriculture. One of the Center’s missions is to coordinate collaborative research with dual appointment faculty members. To this end, we will continue to publish the center’s journals and book-series by promoting academic efforts both inside and outside the university.

 The medium-term goal of RCKS is to promote the globalization of research activities. As the only participant from Japan to the World Korea Research Consortium consisting of Harvard University, London University, and Seoul National University etc., the Center has a great opportunity to gain global recognition for its activities. As we continue in our efforts to deepen academic exchanges and promote globalization of research, we ask for your further support and cooperation.