Application overview

CAP Online with University of Hawai’i (2021 Summer)

Program Outline

CAP is a collaborative education program among Japanese and international students based on PBL (Problem-Based Learning) and TBL (Team-Based Learning) provided by International Student Center at Kyushu University.

Participants will gather online and the program will be conducted by lecturers of the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa.  This program will encourage the participants to seek solutions to common problems faced by countries in the Asia Pacific region through active discussion with university students from different cultural backgrounds.

Program Features

◆ Live sessions by University of Hawai’i’s lecturers.
◆ Live discussion forums with international students.

(1) Program Period

Tuesday, August 10 to Saturday, August 21, 2021 (10 days intensive lecture) (GMT+9/JST)

*Classes will be conducted Tuesday through Saturday, from 9am/10am to 3pm/4pm, except Sunday and Monday in Japan time.

(2) Location

via Zoom

(3) Language


(4) Topics and lecturers

To be announced.

Please see the timetable and lecturers list from CAP Online 2021 Spring for your information.

(5) Number of participants

Approximately 25 participants (Mix of international & Japanese students)

(6) Program Fees

The program fee consists from Ⅰ) Tuition fee for Kyushu University and Ⅱ) Program participation fee for the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.

  1. Tuition fee for Kyushu University:  JPY29,600
  2. Program participation fee for the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa: USD700

*Payment procedure will be provided only to successful applicants.

(7) Credit Transfer

Kyushu University will issue an official document showing completed program along with credits earned by CAP participants.  The official documents will be sent to each student by regular mail in September/October.  Participants should consult their home universities about transferring credit and grades in advance.

Participants must fulfill 85% attendance for the program and give a final presentation to complete the program.

Eligibility for Admission

◆Over 18 years of age.
◆Have a strong academic record.
◆Fluent in the English language for academic purposes

*Non-native speaker of English must hold a TOEFL score of 460 or higher (or the equivalent).

Application Requirements

The following requirements must be submitted to CAP office by means of the downloadable forms (xls, xlsx, doc, docx, PDF) by June 9, 2021.
Application materials will be accepted by e-mail.

Check List
Please check the list before you submit your application documents:

Application Form-1

– Academic Transcript issued by home university (Original)

– Language Proficiency Certificate
*A copy of an official English language test score (either TOEFL or IELTS)
*Students without any official test score is required to provide filled out Statement of English Proficiency Form as proof of the language proficiency.

  • *Notifications will be sent via e-mail.  Please fill in your active e-mail address on the Application Form-1.


Application deadline

Please send your application documents to CAP office by Wednesday, June 9, 2021 (JST).
       Send to

  • *Successful applicants will be announced by e-mail in the middle of June, 2021.


Privacy Policy

About the privacy policy of National University Corporation Kyushu University in Japan (KU), please refer the URL below before you send your application materials:

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For inquiries and submission of applications, please e-mail:


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