Greetings from Director

 My name is Hitoshi Nakano, the fourth director of RCKS. My research interests are in Japanese history, especially in the periods ranging from the Sengoku period, through the Oda Nobunaga and the Toyotomi Hideyoshi regimes, to the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate(the bakuhan system).  My inauguration is due to the fact that RCKS is now facing a key turning point in its history. While the relationship between Japan and Korea faces difficulties in these years, senior faculties who participated in the establishment of the center are approaching the retirement. Professor Matsubara, who had been working for the center since its establishment, retired in March 2016. We are now facing many difficult decisions as to how Kyushu University should move forward, and what actions we should pursue as a research institute.  The relationship between Japan and Korea cannot be easily generalized as the Asian-Pacific issue. There are still many challenges, such as historical issues, which should be addressed in Japanese-Korean relations. I hope to make the effort to activate and strengthen the role of RCKS in this regard.



Nov. 1998 Prime Minister Kim Jong-Pil visited Kyushu University.
Dec. 1999 Establishment of RCKS.
  Prof. Shouji Ishikawa inaugurated as 1st Director.
Jan. 2000 Opening Ceremony
Apr.2000 RCKS becomes the institute for Centers for Common Education and Research in Kyushu University.
Feb. 2005 Pacific Rim Consortium on Korean Studies founded.
Feb. 2006 Pacific Rim Consortium on Korean Studies renamed The Worldwide Consortium of Korean Studies Centers.
Apr. 2006 Prof. Tsugio Inaba inaugurated as 2nd Director.
Apr. 2010 Prof. Takatoshi Matsubara inaugurated as 3rd Director.
Dec. 2010 10-year anniversary event.
Apr. 2011 Japan-Korea Strait College program launched (until March 2014).
Apr. 2014 College of Asia-Pacific program launched.
Apr. 2014 Prof. Hitoshi Nakano inaugurated as 4th Director.
Aug. 2015 Reorganization of RCKS.

The 100 Years’ History of Kyushu University RCKS